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  • Almex Optima BL Touch Producto descatalogado

    Almex Optima BL

    The Almex Optima BL can be easily installed in the driver's compartment allowing mobile ticketing on the bus.

    The use of Windows 6, the industry standard software, ensures a high degree of flexibility.

    The functional and rugged hardware will speed ticket sales not only as a mobile unit but also when permanently installed in a kiosk system.

  • Optima CL Touch Producto descatalogado

    Almex Optima CL

    Ergonomic on-board computer for telematics, ticketing and boarding control, allowing for faster, more intuitive ticket sales.

    The design of the device almex.optima cl It is clean and unpretentious. However, the on-board computer has more to offer than its attractive appearance. The hardware is designed to precisely address the needs of the driver and passenger. The compact ticket printer fits perfectly in the driver's work area, while the passenger will find that the operating elements are perfectly positioned in terms of ergonomics. This makes ticket sales easier and more efficient for both the driver and the passenger. Incidentally, for its exemplary ergonomic design it was awarded the coveted award of Universal Design.

    The device almex.optima cl is equipped for the future of E-Ticketing. The on-board computer can work with any current standard: VDV-KAITSO and Calypsoas well as the card system Almex ACS. There is an option to add a Barcode 2D imaging, a money function and a semi-automatic payment card counter controlled by the bill printer.

  • Pupitre Conductor OCC3x

    OCC3x driver's desk

    A bus driver's desk is a multifunctional tool designed to facilitate the driver's tasks on a bus.

    This device integrates various functions, including ticketing, the contactless card validation including the EMV, communication with exploitation assistance system (SAE) on board the vehicle, among others.

    It allows drivers to efficiently manage fare collection and ensure smooth passenger flow, while helping to improve the operational efficiency of the transportation service.

    It is a three-piece OCC3 set, composed of the OCT conductor terminal, he OCP passenger terminal and the HOCC3X base.

    • The OCT driver terminal performs the functions of user interface on board the SAE and ticketing.
    • The OCP passenger module incorporates a printer, QR reader, reader for MIFARE/EMV card validation and message screen and speaker for the passenger.
    • The HOCC3X base is fixed to the vehicle and ensures a robust power connection and connection to the rest of the vehicle's systems (router, IP intercom and speakers).

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